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Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania: Manufacturing Controlled Substances

Many criminal arrests for manufacturing a controlled substance begin with warrants to search homes, vehicles, warehouses or suspected manufacturing facilities. Only after police obtain the evidence needed to prosecute can you be charged with a crime. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may be aware that you are under surveillance or under investigation… Read More »

Pennsylvania’s Criminal Statutes Relating to Theft

The term “theft” includes a broad range of offenses such as: Burglary Robbery Larceny Shoplifting Petty theft Auto theft Embezzlement Theft by deception Identity theft Fraud Looting Deliberately accepting stolen property Penalties for these offenses are serious, and scaled according to the circumstances. If convicted, you could face fines, a prison term, loss of employment… Read More »

Criminal Consequences for Leaving the Scene of an Accident

The law is clear. Failure to stop after an accident is a criminal offense with serious criminal consequences. You have a duty to stop the moment you get into a car accident and render reasonable assistance to the passengers and driver of the other vehicle. You are also obligated to contact the police and/or emergency… Read More »

Weapons Possession as a Criminal Activity in Pennsylvania

Although the Second Amendment protects your constitutional right to bear arms, regulations limit your ability to own or possess dangerous weapons such as rifles, pistols, handguns, semiautomatic weapons, machine guns, knives and other dangerous artillery without the appropriate permits. If you are charged with a gun crime, you need a Philadelphia gun charge attorney on… Read More »

Resolving Business Disputes, Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Most business owners hesitate to initiate lawsuits, knowing that the time, expense and damage to relationships with business associates, and even customers, can adversely affect their companies. However, what if there were an alternative to a long, drawn-out courtroom trial?  What if an independent resolution could be reached through out-of-court dispute resolution techniques?  If this… Read More »

In The News

Preliminary Hearing Scheduled for Iveliza Perez

Taking Steps to Avoid Probation Violations in Pennsylvania

A common misconception about violating probation in Pennsylvania is that a judge is required to award you credit for time served. This is untrue. When you violate probation, a judge has the authority to restart the probationary period from day one or, alternatively, to reinstitute the sentence that had been set aside in favor of… Read More »

Expunging Your Child’s Juvenile Criminal Record in Pennsylvania

A juvenile arrest and conviction can cost your child job opportunities and educational prospects. You need to contact a Philadelphia juvenile criminal defense attorney to have a record of arrest sealed or expunged, after an appropriate period of good behavior has passed since your child has been discharged. Keep in mind that the expungement of… Read More »

Professional Liability after an Arrest Related to a White Collar Crime

The stigma accompanying accusations of professional wrongdoing can be difficult to overcome without the right Philadelphia white collar crimes attorney by your side especially when your career and your professional reputation are on the line. As an executive, a real estate investor, a bookkeeper, a financial planner, a certified public accountant (CPA) or a trusted… Read More »

Pennsylvania’s Passage of Senate Bill 100 Expands Definition of Crime of Violence, Reducing Possibility of Prerelease or Diversion

Governor Tom Corbett’s passage of a prison reform bill in Pennsylvania on June 5, 2012 was aimed at dealing with the problem of prison overcrowding and the ineffectiveness of incarceration for drug- or alcohol-addicted nonviolent offenders.  However, portions of the reform bill are now being widely criticized for being converse to the law’s stated purpose…. Read More »