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Federal Criminal Attorney Defends Charges of Money Laundering

Experienced counsel for a variety of federal fraud charges in PA

Money laundering is the process by which an offender takes cash gotten through an illegal enterprise and funnels it to an apparently legitimate business to make it appear as though that business generated honest profits. The offender pays taxes on the money to maintain the appearance of legitimacy, but is free to spend without triggering an investigation into that wealth. Money laundering is a serious crime that fits the definition of “racketeering activity” under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. If you are accused of money laundering, or any other fraud, you can expect zealous prosecution. At The David Jay Glassman Law Offices, we have the knowledge and federal court experience to protect your rights during an intense federal investigation and prosecution.

Penalties for money laundering under federal law

The federal money laundering statute Title 18, United States Code, Section 1956 requires the government to prove that a person:

  • Knew the proceeds involved in a financial transaction were the product of unlawful activity, and
    • Acted to facilitate the unlawful activity, or
    • Acted to violate the Internal Revenue Code

This violation carries a fine equal to twice the value of the laundered money and up to 20 years in prison. It can also trigger prosecution under the RICO Act.

If the government cannot prove knowledge of the money-laundering activity, it can still charge a person under Section 1957, which makes it illegal to engage in a financial transaction involving unlawfully acquired assets with value greater than $10,000. A conviction under this section can carry a 10-year federal prison sentence.

Capable defense of a range of federal fraud charges in PA

Money laundering charges are most often associated with drug trafficking, but can be connected to a variety of unlawful activities that generate illicit profits, such as:

  • Mail fraud — Any use of the U. S. Postal Service to commit theft by deception
  • Medicare fraud — Falsifying medical billing records to charge for services that were not rendered
  • Mortgage fraud — Setting up straw buyers with mortgages for nonexistent properties
  • Securities fraud and Ponzi schemes — Selling fraudulent shares of a company, mutual fund or index through hedge funds or brokerage houses and diverting the money elsewhere
  • Wire fraud — Using interstate wire services, such as telecommunications or the Internet, to steal through an act of deception

These are complex cases that highly trained federal prosecutors take great pains to prepare. You need a capable attorney with a proven record in federal court to put forth your best defense.

We have the experience to defend federal fraud and money laundering charges in PA

Federal fraud charges can result in harsh prison sentences. Protect your rights  in Philadelphia with proven federal court representation from The David Jay Glassman Law Offices. Call today at 215-563-7100 or contact us online to schedule a detailed evaluation of your case.