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Experienced Philadelphia Appeals Attorney Can Help When the Justice System Fails

Post-conviction relief lawyer in Philadelphia identifies any errors that compromised your case

Convicted defendants who believe they did not receive a fair trial may have a case for appeal.  In Pennsylvania, defendants can petition the court for post-conviction relief to challenge their conviction under certain conditions and if there is sufficient evidence to indicate that they did not receive a fair trial. Appeals can go through state court or federal court. Among experienced appeals attorneys, David Jay Glassman has been helping those who were wrongly convicted for more than three decades.

There may be many reasons a defendant failed to get the fair trial our system promises:

  • The trial judge failed to give accurate instructions to the jurors.
  • Ineffective counsel can be claimed when the attorney failed to provide the best possible defense for his or her client.
  • New evidence or proof that existing evidence was overlooked in the original trial can be presented. Newer DNA technologies have provided new evidence that has freed wrongly convicted defendants.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct can be argued, stating the prosecution or the police acted unfairly or illegally during the trial.
  • Witness perjury that is discovered after the verdict and was instrumental in convicting the defendant could be grounds for an appeal.

What are some of the qualifications to apply for post-conviction relief?

Under Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA), defendants may be able to appeal their case when their appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania has been denied.

  • According to the Pennsylvania Code, a petition for post-conviction collateral relief must be filed within a year of the date the judgment becomes final, except as otherwise provided by statute.
  • If the defendant is in custody or if there is new evidence in the case, there are exceptions that can be made to the one-year rule.

Filing under the PCRA has several limitations as to the grounds for appeal. Your post-conviction relief attorney in Philadelphia will consult with you about the details of your case and let you know if your case qualifies.

The window of opportunity for appeals and post-conviction relief is limited, so it is critical that you get the most experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney to advocate for you.

Allow this Philadelphia appeals lawyer to help you get your life back

Experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyers must complete an investigation of the case and be able to accurately recognize the relevant questions and possible errors in the trial and present a persuasive written and oral argument. A diligent Philadelphia post-conviction relief attorney from the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman can skillfully prepare appellate motions while working with other professionals to gather the necessary evidence to prove your case.

Contact a Philadelphia appeals lawyer who will fight for your freedom

Put our 40 years’ experience to work on your criminal appeals case. At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman, an experienced and dedicated attorney will work tirelessly to overturn your criminal conviction. If you are searching for a highly skilled attorney to handle your appeal, call us today at 215-563-7100 or contact us online for your free initial consultation.