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Experienced Attorney Talks About Expungement of Criminal Records

Being arrested or convicted of a criminal offense can have an impact on your entire life.  You may have difficulty obtaining a job, getting into college, renting a house, or getting approved for credit.  A criminal record can also interfere with your ability to get a professional license, to teach, to work with children, to enter the military, travel internationally, receive government benefits or student loans, or live the American dream.

What is Expungement?

An expungement of a criminal record is a proceeding to remove any reference to a prior arrest or criminal conviction.  When an expungement is granted, the record will appear as if no arrest or conviction occurred.  After your record is expunged, it will no longer be accessible to the public or court personnel.  All expunged information is deleted from the state’s criminal case management database.  The state police must contact the FBI to adjust records to reflect the expungement.

Once an expungment is granted, you may legally say under oath that you have never been convicted of a crime.  This could apply to court testimony or to any questions asked on employment or other applications. However, there are certain public license requirements which may or may not obligate you to disclose your past conviction or expungement disposition.  Also, certain professions and/or licenses have specific rules and eligibility standards.

Why It’s Important to Get an Experienced Expungement Lawyer to Represent You

When you decide to take the important step of trying to straighten out your life, you need an experienced expungement laywer to properly evaluate your case to ascertain the best course of action.  The first step in doing this is to establish whether you are in fact eligible for an expungment.  Only certain classifications of convictions are eligible for expungment and they differ from state to state.

Determining if you are eligible for expungment and the legal effects of having your record hidden from public view can be explained by an Expungement Lawyer who has experience in Pennsylvania law.

Everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to try to get a fresh start.
If you have a criminal record in Pennsylvania and your background is standing in the way of your future, call the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman.  Our firm brings more than 40 years of experience to help you take the first step.  For a consultation, call 215-563-7100 today or contact us online.