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Skilled Pennsylvania Lawyer Fights Charges for Federal Economic Crimes

Representing Philadelphia-area clients accused of federal white-collar offenses

When the Department of Justice files federal criminal charges against a defendant for an economic offense, the government’s case is typically backed by evidence collected by the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), state authorities and/or other powerful agencies. At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we build strong defenses to counter the allegations of federal prosecutors. Our firm represents clients facing the possibility of harsh prison sentences. With more than 40 years of experience, we skillfully refute federal charges for all serious financial felonies.

What are the most common federal economic offenses?

The federal government prosecutes a wide range of crimes relating to theft and other forms of economic injury. Federal charges are often brought for these offenses:

  • Fraud — Fraud is deliberate deception with the intention to deprive a person or organization of money or property. Common federal crimes are securities fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud and Medicaid and Medicare fraud.
  • Bribery — It is illegal to offer, promise or give anything of value to a public official or anyone else in a position to influence the outcome of a government proceeding. Bribery also includes receipt of payments for such purposes.
  • Embezzlement — This crime occurs when a person entrusted to handle the money or property of another person steals or misappropriates those assets.
  • Money laundering — The act of money laundering occurs when funds or property derived from criminal activity is put through transactions that make it appear legitimate. An example is transferring funds to a legal business and then claiming they were offset by losses.
  • Insider trading — It is illegal for a person to make sales or purchases of public stock based on nonpublic, material information about the security.
  • Identity theft — Federal charges may be filed against a person who uses another person’s identity to for their own economic advantage.
  • Racketeering —The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) allows federal authorities to file charges against individuals who are suspected of involvement in a continuing criminal enterprise, even if they are not charged with committing individual crimes.

A federal economic offense may negatively affect many victims at once, and certain crimes have the potential to affect large segments of the economy. Prosecutions are brought based on wide-scale, thorough investigations by federal agencies with a vast pool of resources. Our firm’s attorney is experienced and adept at going toe-to-toe with federal prosecutors to give our clients the strongest possible defense.

Experienced defender seeks reduced sentences for federal white-collar offenses

Sentencing for federal economic crimes tend to involve heftier punishments than similar crimes at the state level. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, judges consider the level of the offense, the nature and circumstances of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history and several additional factors.

Penalties for federal economic offenses can include large monetary fines that are gauged by the amount of money diverted through criminal activity. Conviction of a crime such as bank fraud or securities fraud can land an individual in federal prison for decades. Tax evasion, healthcare fraud and other crimes that ostensibly affect fewer victims may earn a defendant several years in federal prison.

We devise and build strong defenses in economic crime cases and vigorously represent our clients at trial and at sentencing. We spot the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s evidence and work to maximize the factors that can influence a positive outcome for our client.

Contact a knowledgeable Philadelphia federal economic crimes defense attorney today

At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman in Philadelphia, we represent Pennsylvania residents charged with federal economic offenses. To arrange for a consultation with an experienced attorney, call 215-563-7100 or contact us online.