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Tough Philadelphia Drug Possession Attorney Is Ready to Fight for You

Knowledgeable guidance for drug possession charges

If you have been charged with drug possession in Philadelphia, you could be facing severe penalties. In Pennsylvania, simple possession, or knowing and intentional possession (K&I) of a drug or controlled substance, is most often a misdemeanor charge.

Often the deciding factor between simple possession and possession with intent to deliver or sell, PWID, which is a felony, is the quantity or weight of drugs that are found in your possession. Having a consultation with David Jay Glassman, an experienced intent- to-sell lawyer in Philadelphia, can help you figure out what your next move should be in this difficult situation.

Penalties for a drug possession conviction in Philadelphia

There are several penalties for the crime of drug possession depending on the amount of drug possessed as well as whether or not the person charged has a prior criminal history. Some of the potential punishments include:

  • Significant jail or prison time
  • Forfeiture of property or possessions
  • Fines and fees
  • The inability to obtain employment
  • The inability to secure student loans
  • The inability to obtain a professional license

If you face any of these harsh penalties — which have the potential to have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones — it is vital that you consult a knowledgeable drug possession lawyer who can handle your case and help you weather the legal challenges you are facing.

A drug possession lawyer who can defend both state and federal charges

While drug possession charges brought by the state are generally classified as first-, second- or third-degree felonies, federal courts have a much more complicated system. Although federal and state drug laws overlap, the punishments are not the same. This is yet one more reason to seek a seasoned, knowledgeable Philadelphia drug defense attorney from the very beginning. Among criminal defense lawyers, David Jay Glassman understands that your future is at stake when you face drug charges. He is able to guide you competently through the complex legal system and do everything within the law to protect your rights and defend your reputation.

Contact a tenacious drug defense lawyer in Philadelphia today

When you are facing serious drug charges, no matter how difficult the challenge, the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman is able to find creative solutions to aggressively defend you in court. Call us today at 215-563-7100 or contact us online for a thorough evaluation of your drug possession case.