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Tenacious Philadelphia Attorney Experienced in Assault Defense

Defending you against serious criminal charges

Assault charges are serious criminal charges based upon an act of violence. If a weapon was used in the commission of a violent crime in Pennsylvania, the severity of the charges escalates accordingly, with harsher penalties and punishments in the case of a conviction.  If you have been accused of assault, it is important that you have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney by your side from start to finish.

The Law Offices of David Jay Glassman has a broad background in handling all types of criminal charges, including those for assault and battery, as well as more than three decades of experience in and out of the courtroom.

Assault charges and penalties in Philadelphia

Violent crime in Pennsylvania is more prevalent in the larger cities such as Philadelphia. Pennsylvania’s criminal code categorizes assault crimes in two classes: simple assault and aggravated assault. Simple assault is generally a second-degree misdemeanor, while aggravated assault is a first-degree felony, which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Charges of simple assault can be leveled without someone ever throwing a punch. Suppose you and your neighbor become involved in a verbal disagreement in which voices are raised and tempers flare. In an attempt to make your point, you tap your finger on your neighbor’s chest. Imagine your surprise to find yourself being handcuffed and arrested on charges of simple assault. In some cases, the mere threat of injury to another person can lead to assault charges should that person have reason to believe you intend to carry through with the threat.

At The Law Offices of David Jay Glassmanour Philadelphia criminal lawyer has successfully represented clients charged with simple assault charges as well as more serious assault charges. He and his team understand how to best defend you in court.

Be prepared for a legal battle

Retaining an experienced and aggressive felony lawyer as soon as you believe you will be charged with assault is the best action you can take. With decades of experience and compassion for his clients, David Jay Glassman understands that a criminal conviction will affect every aspect of your life. Along with his compassion, however, is a straightforward style that means he never “sugarcoats” the facts. His goal is to minimize the long-term consequences of your assault charges and try to obtain the best possible outcome given your circumstances.

Possible defenses for the charge of assault could include:

  • Disputing that the assault took place at all
  • Questioning the validity of the alleged evidence
  • Questioning the veracity of the accuser

The Law Offices of David Jay Glassman can provide the experience, honesty and skill to handle your Philadelphia criminal defense case.

Solid representation for assault is a phone call away

One call to the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman offers you a comprehensive evaluation of your assault case as well as a roadmap to guide you through the legal process. Call us today at 215-563-7100 or contact us online for experienced representation following your assault charge.