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Experienced Philadelphia Lawyer Skillfully Defends Those Accused of Murder

Fighting for your right to equal representation under the law

When you have been accused of murder, your future is on the line. When you need serious legal help for a serious charge, your call to an attorney should be answered by one whose experience and skill match the severity of your case. Attorney David Jay Glassman draws upon more than 40 years of experience defending the rights of his clients and is ready to take on any type of criminal case. He understands that charges of first-  or second-degree murder will impact the rest of your life and that damage control at this point is crucial. Among Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Glassman is a staunch advocate for your legal rights and is well respected by the  judges he appears before.

What are the differences in first-, second- and third-degree (manslaughter) murder charges?

While the definitions—and punishments—for first- or second-degree murder differ from state to state, there are certain common elements:

  • First-degree murder must generally have the element of premeditation and special circumstances; the murder was planned and committed against another human being with an accompanying offense such as kidnapping, hijacking or robbery, or cases involving extreme torture.
  • Second-degree murder may also be premeditated but lacks the special circumstances of an accompanying offense.
  • Manslaughter or third-degree murder charges are applied to murders lacking intent, premeditation or the presence of an accompanying crime. A crime of passion could be charged as third-degree, as could a death resulting from a DUI accident.

It’s vital to hire a Philadelphia homicide attorney who won’t back down

David Jay Glassman has more than three decades of experience representing clients as a criminal lawyer. This experience serves clients well in the event they are charged with homicide.

Mr. Glassman is equipped to craft an appropriate violent crime defense strategy in your case to improve the outcome of your murder charges. Whether self-defense, insufficient proof or evidence, factual innocence, insanity or another suitable defense, he works tirelessly on clients’ behalf, using the most innovative approaches possible.

Intelligent criminal defense in Philadelphia is just a phone call away

At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman, we understand that a murder charge requires the services of an innovative, proactive attorney who will be by your side throughout every legal proceeding. Call our law office today at 215-563-7100 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.