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An Overview of Common Types of Federal Theft Offenses

An Overview of Common Types of Federal Theft Offenses

Theft is a crime that involves the unlawful taking of another person’s possessions. In some cases, however, it could be considered a federal crime, in which case the potential penalties upon a conviction could be quite severe.

The following are some of the most common types of federal theft crimes and the circumstances that surround them:

  • Larceny. Also known as simple theft, larceny is the unlawful taking or use of property belonging to another entity or person. This is considered a federal crime when there is fraud or deception involved in the taking of large sums of money or significant property.
  • Bribery. This offense centers on offering money, goods or services to others in an effort to illegally influence their actions. Both the individual offering the bribe and anyone who received it may be charged with this crime.
  • Fraud. This involves the deception of other people, convincing them to willingly hand over money or property under false pretenses. There are many variations of fraud. For example, embezzlement involves the stealing of property to which the perpetrator was entrusted. Wire and mail fraud occur via the Internet or telephone and via the U.S. Postal Service, respectively. Fraud is typically categorized as a white collar crime.
  • Identity theft. The illegal use of personal information, such as one’s name, Social Security number, credit card or bank account, is identity theft. In some cases, purchases made by the perpetrator can have serious impacts on the victim’s credit score and savings. It is typically considered a federal crime.
  • Money laundering. This crime involves using a variety of means, including numerous transactions, to hide the true source of money. In many situations, the individuals committing this crime attempt to conceal other offenses, such as racketeering, drug distribution and embezzlement.

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