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Resolving Business Disputes, Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Most business owners hesitate to initiate lawsuits, knowing that the time, expense and damage to relationships with business associates, and even customers, can adversely affect their companies. However, what if there were an alternative to a long, drawn-out courtroom trial?  What if an independent resolution could be reached through out-of-court dispute resolution techniques?  If this possibility interests you, an experienced Philadelphia commercial litigation attorney may be able to help you make the case for an out-of-court resolution of a business conflict.

A pamphlet published by the Pennsylvania Bar Association outlines the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) over courtroom litigation. ADR techniques are aimed at resolving the source of the conflict, while eliminating the expense associated with discovery, court costs and legal fees. ADR involves either the mediation or arbitration of disputes:

  • Mediation – Both litigants share the cost of an independent, unbiased mediator who facilitates communications so that the litigants themselves can resolve the dispute. Mediation is usually non-binding and parties may opt to pursue courtroom trial at any time during the process.
  • Arbitration The litigants to choose a knowledgeable person to act as the arbiter and decide the outcome of the dispute. Arbitration is binding, and litigants may not pursue courtroom litigation if they are dissatisfied with the arbiter’s decision. The arbiter’s decision cannot be appealed via traditional courtroom litigation.

No matter how you choose to resolve your dispute, the advice of commercial litigation lawyers in Philadelphia can be invaluable. Business relationships hinge on contracts. When parties to a contract disagree about it, litigation and a lawyer can help determine how best to resolve a lease, rental, payment, delivery, partnership or employment dispute.

For more information about resolving business disputes quickly and cost-effectively, contact an attorney at the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.