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How Do White Collar Crime Cases Differ from Other Criminal Cases?

How Do White Collar Crime Cases Differ from Other Criminal Cases?

Both state and federal authorities can bring white collar crime cases. Federal authorities prosecute white collar crime cases primarily based on the basis of interstate commerce. In addition, federal level prosecution usually handles the most complex white collar crime cases that are the most substantial in size. However, white collar crimes in Pennyslvania and New Jersey can be in violation of federal, state or local laws and prosecuted at any level.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) defines white collar crime as “lying, cheating and stealing…now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.” The non-violent aspect of white-collar crimes does not mean the damage resulting from the crime is not far-reaching. While an armed robber may steal thousands of dollars, banks subject to white collar crime theft may lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because the means of carrying out the crime uses technological sophistication instead of violent force does not mitigate the magnitude of the loss. The FBI and other agencies may spend considerable resources and undercover investigative methods when working to gather evidence to prosecute a white collar crime case.

If authorities start investigating you for white collar crime, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia at your first opportunity. The best way to fight white collar crime accusations is to discredit them at the investigatory stages and prevent indictment.

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