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Client Reviews

5.0 ★★★★★ | 8 Reviews

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with David over the past few years on a variety of criminal defense and immigration cases. David is extremely smart, and his dedication toward his clients is second to none. I have personally seen David’s ingenuity and hard work result in outcomes that other attorneys simply could not achieve. I recommend David to anyone looking to hire a top-notch criminal defense lawyer.”
-Ryan M. | ★★★★★

“Mr Glassman Represented me and my wife in regards to a federal investigation. Mr. Glassman acted immediately and called the AUSA/FBI and defended us. Mr. Glassman came up with defensive plan and asked me to get tough and same time ease me. All calls/emails were answered promptly. He is brilliant. Mr Glassman is a one man army and not some lawyers who run business and charges humongous fees. If you are in trouble with the law and need a lawyer who will protect and defend you. A lawyer who will work with the Govt. to successfully resolve your case I highly recommend Mr. Glassman. He gave us our lives back.”
-P.G. | ★★★★★

“David Glassman saved my life. He perfectly embodies every quality you want and need in a criminal defense attorney. I was a professional person indicted on multiple felony charges and consequently facing a maximum, consecutive sentence of approximately 45 years in prison, with virtually no hard evidence to substantiate my innocence. However, with the defense of Mr. Glassman, I am still an upstanding professional cleared of ALL CHARGES with a trial lasting only two days!!! It is challenging to find the words that adequately describe the absolutely superb job that he did. David Glassman exudes the confidence, professional knowledge, and aggression necessary to defend his clients and WIN! He is a strategic, no-nonsense man who will not waster any of your time or money. If you or your loved one is in a situation of any magnitude, great or small, which requires excellent, professional legal defense – David Glassman is truly the gold standard. He is beyond proficient and will undoubtedly render that best possible outcome regarding your legal matters. David Glassman is a well connected attorney who knows what he’s doing. Simply stated, he is phenomenal.”
-A.S. | ★★★★★

“I contacted Mr. Glassman on behalf of a friend who had an extremely complicated matter that he wanted a lawyer to evaluate. Mr. Glassman reached out to him immediately, provided knowledgeable answers to his questions and provided excellent advice to bring the matter to a great resolution. If you are looking for a lawyer who will give your case the serious attention it deserves, I highly recommend Mr. Glassman.”
-Scott S. | ★★★★★

“In three words, Mr. David Jay Glassman is Intelligent, Capable and Remarkable. A Rock Star Attorney in my opinion. Others in the legal community have noticed it too. I have had several different judges to date, and all have received Mr. Glassman well compared to other attorneys in the courtroom. Some lawyers would agree that a single all-star lawyer can easily accomplish more than a dozen less experienced lawyers combined in terms of results. I say a single all-star lawyer, like Mr. Glassman, has the ability to do more than an infinite number of less experienced lawyers. He is not your stereotypical lawyer who speaks indecipherable legalese. Instead, his superb communication skills allow him to provide practical illustrations and to relay applications that make him an ideal person for those who value an open dialogue with their attorney. I trust nothing can replicate his exp. from the hundreds and hundreds of clients he has represented. With his perfect reviews online, I imagine there are dozens and dozens of satisfied clients who would undeniably describe Mr. Glassman, in the same way I would, as a forceful catalyst behind the protection of their rights. It was Richard Branson who said, ‘Set impossible challenges, then catch up with them.’ But it is Mr. Glassman who is here to guide you on HOW to overcome your seemingly impossible challenges. The world NEEDS more client-focused, and caring advocates/lawyers like Mr. Glassman. There are individuals who could have been found Not Guilty who are unjustly sentenced to prison every year. Mistakes happen. I would never risk my freedom by hiring any less than the best. And I would encourage anyone debating whether they should retain Mr. Glassman to think long and hard about the decision.”
-Rob K. | ★★★★★

“Need a first-rate, outstanding lawyer? Hire David Glassman! His dedication and ability to get the job done is like no other, he’s first-class all the way.”
-Dan V. | ★★★★★

“David is a great criminal defense attorney that really cares about his clients.”
-Jan T. | ★★★★★

“Mr. Glassman is an outstanding attorney. He guided me through my legal issues with professionalism and confidence gained from his many years as an attorney. I would recommend Mr. Glassman to anyone who is facing legal troubles as he will get you the best possible result.”
-Paul J. | ★★★★★